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The Inkblot Project seeks participants who have experienced  bullying and/or trauma in their life, and subsequently acquired a tattoo that speaks to that experience. We are creating a photo gallery of the tattoos, and using them to help raise awareness & promote victim healing. Our ultimate goal is empowerment.

Cyber Bullying Is Not Going Away. Yet. (From The Center for Rummelighed)

From: The Center for Rummelighed Used with permission


I grew up sexually abused as a child starting at 4 years of age. This abuse continued for 10 years. I was told "not to tell," as most abuse victims are, and I didn't. I grew up learning to survive the best I could. I later married into a physically abusive relationship, and stayed there for 10 years. I got the tattoo of the word "Speak" on my wrist as a reminder that I have a voice I can use, and that I have value as a person. I am thankful that I found my voice and use it today, to help others....


I was always made fun of for my disability and I got an Autism Awareness tattoo to support people like myself on the Autism Spectrum who experienced bullying.


My tattoo says “I am enough” with an arrow below. Throughout my childhood, my experience was such that I was consistently told I was too fat, not doing enough, being enough, liking the right things or the right people. I was always wrong. For many many years I struggled to feel ok with who I am. I said sorry far too often, said yes to everything and everyone to prove my worth. When I turned 30, I finally stopped. I came to realize that who I am is ok. I will never be a size zero, always have people who don’t agree with me and my worth is not in the number of organizations I lead or the amount of things I can accomplish. The words “I am enough” looking at me everyday are a constant reminder of this. The arrow reminds me to keep moving forward- not falling back into my old negative thoughts or patterns.


My husband was a Heroin addict and his drug was referred to as Naked Lady. During this time he and I had a lot of hate towards us and our kids.


In high school my advisor was the visual arts teacher. I looked up to her for everything. She was my idol. One day she told me straight to my face I could never get into art school and that my dreams were unreasonable. I gave myself this tattoo that night....